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In 2018, Rachel co-founded the Vegan Women’s Collective, a group for vegan women, by vegan women. A place for everyday vegan dreamers, entrepreneurs, and activists to be supported by a community of like-minded people. In 2019, she started recording the Vegan Women’s Collective podcast where she interviewed inspirational women who happen to be vegan.

Unfortunately, the podcast stopped after the first season as Rachel struggled with a burnout and questioning the lack of intersectionality within the name of the Collective. The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted that this work is of value, and that other groups are currently being targeted towards Vegan Women, and Rachel elected to rename the podcast under her own name – Rachel’s Vegan podcast, which is also supported by a YouTube Channel.

Rachel’s Vegan Podcast

Rachel’s Vegan podcast is an audio platform to showcase the work of inspirational vegan entrepreneurs and activists.

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Dr Despina Handolias


In the last episode of Season 1 of the Vegan Women’s Collective podcast, Dr Despina Handolias and Rachel Lamarche discuss governmental health policy, the myths around soy, and how hospitals still provide their patients with Class 1 Carcinogens in the form of processed meats.

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