Revise and resubmit (paper)

Reviving the silenced; defining vegan fashion and classifying materials of animal origin

Book Chapter (Forthcoming)

2023 (Forthcoming), Vegan consumption, or the consumer-driven emergence of a lifestyle movement’s market, in K Bäckström, C Egan-Wyer & E Samsioe (eds), Future Themes in Consumption, Palgrave Macmillan, Lunds, Sweden.

Book Chapter (In development)

Lamarche-Beauchesne R & N. Bailey-Cooper, Rethinking the consumption of animals in fashion and non-food products, Tracing the evolution of a social phenomenon, Ed. A. Mertig, Research Handbook on Animals and Society, Edgar Elwar Publishing

Case studies

2023, Vegan brand Matt and Nat, staying relevant in a competitive market, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases. London: Bloomsbury

2022, Understanding the vegan consumer through the evolution of Matt & Nat, Marketing for a responsible society, French Marketing Association (AFM)

2021, Kat Von D Beauty, or how to recover the loss of the “celebrity” in the celebrity-brand, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases. London: Bloomsbury

Editorial services

Ad-hoc reviewer Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

Ad-hoc reviewer Marketing Theory

Ad-hoc reviewer Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Student Journal for Vegan Sociology, Guest Reviewer, Volume 2, 2022

Student Journal for Vegan Sociology, Editor, Volume 1, 2021


Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (December 2022). Support, judgment, and regulation – identity tensions in the individual and collective performance of veganism, ANZMAC Conference, Curtin University

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R, Makkar M. and S. Appau, (July 2022) Going Vegan: The Challenges of Dismantling Dominant Consumption Materiality, Consumer Culture Conference, Oregon State University

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (December 2021). Eliminating Harm, A New Understanding Of Vegan Ethics, ANZMAC Conference, The University of Melbourne

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (September 2021). Innovative materials and luxury brands. Fashion Business Think In, London College of Fashion.

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (February 2020). Kindness is not a trend – Veganism and ethical fashion, towards a definition and framework for value-based labelling and traceability. Paper presented at the Critical Fashion Studies Conference, The University of Melbourne.

Guest lectures

Awakening of new fashion values, 7 September 2022, RMIT University

Fashion and activism, 4 July 2022, Architectural Association Visiting School

Sustainable Fashion Futures and Vegan Consumption, 24 May 2022, RMIT University

Undertaking vegan fashion research, 8 October 2021, London College of Fashion

Conscious Consumption, The Case of Veganism, 9 April 2021, RMIT University

Fashion, identity and veganism, 23 March 2021, Boston College

Conscious Consumption, The Case of Veganism, 27 April 2020, RMIT University

Ethical fashion and veganism, 3 December 2019, Heriot-Watt University

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