Revise and resubmit (paper)

Reviving the silenced; defining vegan fashion and classifying materials of animal origin

Book Chapter (Forthcoming)

2023 (Forthcoming), Vegan consumption, or the consumer-driven emergence of a lifestyle movement’s market, in K Bäckström, C Egan-Wyer & E Samsioe (eds), Future Themes in Consumption, Palgrave Macmillan, Lunds, Sweden.

Editorial services

Student Journal for Vegan Sociology, Guest Reviewer, Volume 2, 2022

Student Journal for Vegan Sociology, Editor, Volume 1, 2021

Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, Guest Reviewer

Marketing Theory


Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (December 2022). Support, judgment, and regulation – identity tensions in the individual and collective performance of veganism, ANZMAC Conference, Curtin University

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R, Makkar M. and S. Appau, (July 2022) Going Vegan: The Challenges of Dismantling Dominant Consumption Materiality, Consumer Culture Conference, Oregon State University

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (December 2021). Eliminating Harm, A New Understanding Of Vegan Ethics, ANZMAC Conference, The University of Melbourne

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (September 2021). Innovative materials and luxury brands. Fashion Business Think In, London College of Fashion.

Lamarche-Beauchesne, R. (February 2020). Kindness is not a trend – Veganism and ethical fashion, towards a definition and framework for value-based labelling and traceability. Paper presented at the Critical Fashion Studies Conference, The University of Melbourne.

Guest lectures

Awakening of new fashion values, 7 September 2022, RMIT University

Fashion and activism, 4 July 2022, Architectural Association Visiting School

Sustainable Fashion Futures and Vegan Consumption, 24 May 2022, RMIT University

Undertaking vegan fashion research, 8 October 2021, London College of Fashion

Conscious Consumption, The Case of Veganism, 9 April 2021, RMIT University

Fashion, identity and veganism, 23 March 2021, Boston College

Conscious Consumption, The Case of Veganism, 27 April 2020, RMIT University

Ethical fashion and veganism, 3 December 2019, Heriot-Watt University

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