As a researcher, Rachel welcomes the opportunity to comment in French or English for television, radio, newspapers or magazines on the below subjects;

Vegan, ethical and/or sustainable fashion
Vegan branding and consumer behaviour
Entrepreneurship and trends
Plant-based textile innovation

The Age

2 July 2022

Discussed my journey into ethical investing with The Age journalist Simone Fox Koob (read it here).

ABC Radio Hobart

12 August 2020

Discussed the current tracksuits trend with Radio Hobart presenter Mel Bush. (Listen here)

ABC Life

5 December 2019

Spoke with journalist Carol Rääbus about fibres and textiles appropriate for warm and humid weather. (read it here)

ELLE Québec

November 2019

Provided insight for Sophie St-Laurent’s 6 pages report on faux-fur in the November 2019 edition of ELLE Québec. (Lire ici – Interview is in french)

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