Rachel offers a variety of workshop and consultancy services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Ethical sourcing,Vegan fashion & textiles

Do you need to know more about innovation and the importance of veganism in the fashion industry? Or need to discuss sourcing decisions and general direction? Rachel can create a workshop, talk or consultation for your students or your staff. She will cover what is and isn’t vegan in fashion including fibres and textiles, supply chain including dyes and chemicals, the product lifecycle and end-of-life, the dilemma behind current labelling schemes, and review current innovations in the space of fibres and textiles.

Veganism & consumer products

As a researcher, Rachel focuses on veganism as a social movement with an increasingly important impact on consumer products at all levels, including food and beverages, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and cars. She can educate your brand on the vegan consumer and the way vegans engage with different products.

Pitching, podcasting & public speaking

Rachel loves to empower entrepreneurs looking to start a podcast, develop and gain more confidence in their public speaking skills, or prepare for pitching opportunities. She coaches students of the RMIT Master’s of Fashion Entrepreneurship on how to pitch to industry representatives. She has also won pitching competitions when showcasing her own brand of corporate vegan clothing.

Let’s build something together.

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