Training and consulting services

Provision of training, workshops, expertise, or strategic advice on sustainable fashion development and consumption and the planning and creation of innovative products, services, and experiences targeted toward the vegan market.

Sustainable fashion

The intersection of fashion and sustainability is a vast and complex topic that I can detangle and simplify in educational and business contexts. The rise of sustainable fashion represents a macro trend for all segments of the industry and has the objective to address, assess and reduce the various negative impacts associated with the fashion product lifecycle. By untangling the meaning of current and relevant concepts such as transparency, circularity, degrowth, ‘slow design’, and greenwashing, I offer strategies to initiate or continue an eco-manufacturing process for companies of all sizes, proposing concrete actions to take a progressive and innovative whole-of-business approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Sourcing and developing vegan products

Provision of knowledge on material innovation, ethical and vegan sourcing, and international competitors including food and beverages, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, furniture and upholstery.

Understanding the vegan consumer lifestyle

Veganism as a lifestyle movement has a growing impact on the expectations, needs and consumption behaviours of individuals. This impacts the development of consumer products and services, requiring an in-depth understanding of the markets and their requirements.

Developing vegan services and experiences

Provision of knowledge on small and large-scale vegan experiences, international competitors, service development and actionable change for tourism and hospitality services.

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